Clerks of the Court from 1800 to 1900, Inclusive, for Marion District, now County.
John Dozier, 1800.
Samuel Cooper, 1804.
John McRae, 1808.
Thomas Harllee, 1810, and continued to 1826.
E. B. Wheeler, by successive elections from 1828 to his death, 24th September, 1859.
Barfield Moody, from November, 1859, to his death, 7th April, 1860; when Asa Godbold, as Ordinary, by operation of law, became Clerk, until June, 1860; when T. C. Moody was elected, 1860, who held the office two terms, when Reconstruction put him out.
W. W. Braddy, from 1868 to 1872.
S. G. Owens, from 1872 to 1876.
R. K. Clarke, from 1876 to 1880.
J. Albert Smith, 1880, to his death, in 1882; when John Wilcox, Jr., was elected to fill the unexpired term to 1884.
John Wilcox, Jr., 1884 to 1888.
John Wilcox, Jr., 1888 to 1892.
D. F. Miles, 1892 to 1896.
D. F. Miles, 1896 to 1900.
D. F. Miles, 1900 to 1904. He is the present Clerk.

Sheriffs for Marion District and County from 1800 to 1900, Inclusive.
Leonard Dozier, 1800 to 1804.
Richard Godfrey, 1804 to 1805.
Samuel S. Savage, 1805 to 1808.
Thomas Godbold, 1808 to 1811.
Enos Tart, 1812 to 1816.
Henry Davis, 1817 to 1821.
Enos Tart, 182 1 to 1825.
D. S. Harllee, 1825 to 1829.
Samuel Bigham, 1829 to 1833.
William Woodberry, 1833 to 1837.
Elly Godbold, 1837 to 1841.
A. Carmichael, 1841 to 1845.
Elly Godbold, 1845 to 1849.
A. Carmichael, 1849 to 1853.
Elly Godbold, 1853 to 1857.
N. C. McDuffie, 1857 to 1861.
W. P. Campbell, 1861 to 1863, when he was killed. I. H. Watson was Coroner, and filled out balance of the term to 1865.
N. C. McDuffie, 1865 to 1869. He resigned in May, 1867, and General Canby (Reconstruction) appointed R. Collins to 1868.
R. Collins, 1868 to 1872.
Daniel F. Berry, 1872 to 1876.
A. E. Grice, 1876 to 1880. He died in 1878, and John Wilcox was elected to fill the unexpired term.
E. W. Johnson, 1880 to 1884.
E. W Johnson, 1884 to 1888.
Wm. A. Wall, 1888 to 1892.
W. T. Evans, 1892 to 1896.
W. T. Evans, 1896 to 1900.
B. R. Mullins, 1900 to 1904, now Sheriff.

Representatives in the State Legislature from Liberty County and Marion District and Marion County.
James McPherson, Thomas Wicham, 1792.
John Baxter, Gavin Witherspoon, 1794.
John McRee, Thomas Wicham, 1795.
John Ford, Lewis Harrelson, 1798.
Philip Bethea, James Ervin, 1800.
James Ervin, Thomas Harllee, 1802.
Thomas Harllee, James Ervin, 1804.
Thomas Harllee, James Ervin, 1806.
Thomas Harllee, John Gibson, 1808.
Alexander Gregg, Daniel Piatt, Gospero Sweet, 1810.
Charley D. Daniels, Valentine Rowell, Henry C. Legette, 1812.
Valentine Rowell, Alexander Gregg, Chesley D. Daniel, 1814.
Chesley D. Daniel, Valentine Rowell, Alexander Gregg, 1816.
Enos Tart, Alexander Gregg, Valentine Rowell, 1818.
Nimrod Davis, Jessee Ford, 1820.
Evander R. McIver, Valentine Rowell, 1822.
William Woodberry, John Gregg, 1824.
John Gregg, William Woodberry, 1826.
Wilson Hemingway, W. H. Grice, 1828.
William Woodberry, Thomas Evans, 1830.
Robert Harllee, William B. Rowell, 1832.
Robert Harllee, John McGrams, 1834.
Ferdinand S. Gibson, W W Harllee, 1836.
Barfield Moody, William Evans, 1838.
David Palmer, Henry Davis, John C. Bethea, 1840.
Henry Davis, Joseph Jolly, C. J. Crawford, 1842.
John C. Bethea, C. J. Crawford, Barfield Moody, 1844.
C. J. Crawford, William Evans, W. W. Harllee, 1846.
William Evans, James Haselden, James R. Bethea, 1848.
George J. Myers, D. J. McDonald, William B. Rowell, 1850.
William S. Mullins, W. W. Durant, William R. Johnson, 1852.
William S. Mullins, William R. Johnson, William B. Rowell, 1854.
William S. Mullins, John N. McColl, Levi Legette, 1856.
R. G. Howard, Nathan Evans, William S. Mullins, 1858.
R. G. Howard, William S. Mullins, David W. Bethea, 1860.
William S. Mullins, R. F. Graham, E. T. Stackhouse, 1862.
E. T. Stackhouse, William S. Mullins, R. F Graham, 1864.
William S. Mullins, E. T. Stackhouse, R. F. Graham, 1866.
W. S. Collins, B. A. Thompson, Ebben Hays, E. M. Stoeber, 1868.
Joel Allen, F. A. Miles, T. R. Bass, John C. Sellers, 1870.
B. A. Thompson, Ebben Hays, E. H. Gourdin, John W. Johnson, 1872.
W. A. Hayne, W. D. Johnson, A. H. Howard, R. G. Howard, 1874.
John G. Blue, James McRae, R. H. Rogers, J. P. Davis, 1876.
R. H. Rogers, W. M. Davis, John G. Blue, T. C. Moody, 1878.
John M. Johnson, William A. Brown, A. A. Myers, J. G. Blue, 1880.
B. F. Davis, W. J. Montgomery, J. F. Pierce, J. W. Smith, 1882.
J. G. Haselden, J. G. Blue, W. McD. Alford, W. A. Brown, 1884.
D. F Miles, L. S. Bigham, James Norton, J. F. Bethea, 1886.
E. D. Carmichael, R. G. Howard, D. F. Miles, E. B. Smith, 1888.
D. Mclntyre, D. W. McLaurin, James Norton, 1890.
W. A. Oliver, D. W. McLaurin, L. B. Rogers, 1892.
D. W McLaurin, J. E. Ellerbe, J. D. Haselden, 1894.
D. W McLaurin, L. M. Gasque, J. D. Haselden, 1896.
W. J. Montgomery, T. F. Stackhouse, S. U. Davis, 1898.
J. E. Jarnigan, Wm. Murchison, T. F. Stackhouse, 1900.

Senators from 1800 to 1900, Marion County.
Thomas, J. Wickham, 1800.
Leonard Dozier, 1804.
Thomas Godbold, 1808.
Thomas Godbold, 1812.
Thomas Godbold, 1816.
Alexander Gregg, 1820.
Enos Tart, 1824.
John Gregg, 1828.
Thomas Evans, 1832.
Thomas Evans, 1836.
Benjamin Gause, 1840.
B. K. Henagan, 1844.
Benjamin Gause, 1848.
Robert Harllee, 1852.
Robert Harllee, 1856.
William R. Johnson, 1860.
Robert Harllee, 1864.
Henry E. Hayne, 1868.
C. C. Smith, 1872.
R. G. Howard, 1876.
W. W. Harllee, 1880. (President of the Senate.)
T. C. Moody, 1884.
T. C. Moody, 1888.
William A. Brown, 1892.
William A. Brown, 1896.
James Stackhouse, 1900.

Ordinaries and Probate Judges from 1800 to 1900.
Asa Godbold, 1860.
Hugh Giles, 1800.
John Wilcox (Prob. J.), 1868.
Samuel Cooper, 1802.
James Graham, 1872.
J. J. McRee, 1803.
John Wilcox, '74, till death, '91.
Thomas Harllee, 1810.
John D. McLucas, 1892.
Edward B. Wheeler, 1826.
P. B. Hamer, 1898.

Source: A History of Marion County, South Carolina, by W. W. Sellers, Esq., Columbia, South Carolina, 1902.

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