Graduates of Colleges

From Davidson College, North Carolina
A. Q. McDuffie (dead).
William McDuffie (dead).
D. W. Bethea (dead).
D. W. Bethea, Jr.

From Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Gewood Berry, 1846 (dead).
J. Hamilton Evans, 1854 (dead).
John H. Hamer, 1856.
Missouri R. Hamer.
William D. Carmichael, Jr.

From Greenville University, South Carolina
Rev. Joseph H. Dew, 1890.
W. C. Allen, 1900.

From the Citadel Academy, Charleston, South Carolina
Lieutenant Colonel W. P. Shooter, 1859 (dead).
A. J. Howard, J. T. Coleman, 1886.
A. G. Singletary, 1890.
A. S. Manning, 1892.
S. W. Reaves, 1895.
T. W. Carmichael, 1896.
Herbert Rogers, 1900.

Wofford College, South Carolina
There have been ninety matriculates from Marion County. The following graduated:
Bond E. Chreitzburg, 1869.
Marcus Stackhouse, 1871.
James T. Brown, William A. Brown, Wilbur F. Smith, 1874.
W. J. Montgomery, 1875.
Henry M. Wilcox, T B. Stackhouse, 1880.
Philip B. Sellers, 1882.
W M. Lester, 1884.
J. E. Ellerbe, J. Marion Rogers, 1887.
E. P. Taylor, 1888.
R. L. Rogers, 1889.
J. G. Baker, 1890.
P. P. Bethea, 1892.
P. H. Edwards, W. M. Ellerbe, 1894.
J. R. Rogers, B. B. Sellers, W. F. Stackhouse, 1895.
C. H. Barber, C. C. Leitner, L. B. Smith, 1896.
T. L. Manning, W. B. Evans, 1897
C. H. Leitner, 1898.
G. E. Edwards, 1899.

South Carolina College
From this College I have no report. My son, John C. Sellers, wrote to Professor R. Means Davis, who was a classmate of his in that College, for a report. The Professor replied that he would do so, but has never sent it. My grandson, Wallace D. Sellers, who was in the South Carolina College in 1899-1900, procured a catalogue of the Euphradian Society up to 1859, which shows the matriculates from Marion County, but who and how many of them graduated is not shown, as follows:
Robert H. Gregg, 1808
Ezra M. Gregg, 1817
Jeremiah Brown, 1819
Charles Godbold, 1819
D. Reese Gregg, 1825
John H. Latta, 1826
C. D. Evans, 1836
G. Cooper Gregg, 1836
O. S. Gregg, 1838
R. G. Howard, 1848
Evander Gregg, 1837
E. M. Davis, 1848
R. C. McIntyre, 1851
G. M. Fairlee, 1853
J. C. McClenaghan, 1854
D. McIntyre, 1854
S. A. Gregg, 1855
W. J. Singletary, 1856
Walter Gregg, 1857
C. E. Gregg, 1859
Those of the above who it is certainly known graduated are:
C. D. Evans
R. G. Howard
R. C. McIntyre
G. M. Fairlee
W. J. Singletary

Those graduating there since the war are:
John C. Sellers,
Hezekiah Johnson
Robert P Hamer, Jr.
W. M. Hamer
P. A. Wilcox
J. S. McLucas
Walter H. Wells
Luther M. Haselden
Henry Mullins

Wake Forrest, North Carolina
The graduates from this College, as ascertained, are:
Dr. C. T. Ford
Rev. Rufus Ford
Julian Dew
Baker Ford
Lila Cottingham

The graduates from Marion in female colleges are equally as numerous as in the male departments. I have not the list of them. In education, Marion County will rank as high, according to her population, as any county in the State. She is now fully awake to her interest in that regard.

Source: A History of Marion County, South Carolina, by W. W. Sellers, Esq., Columbia, South Carolina, 1902.

I hope you find someone in your tree in these college graduates. Thank you for taking the time to read!

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